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    I want to make sure you know about this amazing series of events that we will be hosting. There are only several spots left at each of these events.For the next 5 people that register we are offering $100 off the full weekend tuition!

$piritual -Success Mastermind Group Coaching For Spiritual Professionals in San Diego

Is there something stopping you from achieving total success? Have you read all the books, attended the live events, and even taken informative courses, but feel there's still a missing key to get your ass into action?

Well, My name is Kamala Devi and I'm a successful full time coach with a huge and effective tool box of success practices (not just theory) which I'd love to offer to you. I'm willing to share with you EVERYTHING I know!

Because I recently had a kid and want more time to spend with my family, I'm going to be offering these magic keys to more people in less time by group coaching with an intimate group of like-minded individuals.

This is your personal invitation to participate in something very special. I'd like to show you how to make more money, work less, and have more fun than you ever thought possible in 90 days.

Introducing my 90-day success program for spiritually minded professionals who want to capitalize on the synergy created by surrounding themselves with other successful people. In this "Success mastermind" I’ll be sharing the ideas, tips and strategies responsible for the success of some of the wealthiest business people in the world. But most importantly, we'll focus only on the success stories that are relevant to your life, and implement the strategies that are relevant to your needs. This course will help you capitalize on your gifts and strengthen your weaknesses. You will create a life you love that takes you to the next level of financial independnce.

I will be your personal success coach and teach you proven tips, tools and strategies that create phenomenal success beyond the principles mentioned in the movie The Secret. You will learn exactly how to apply these principles to your business AND implement these proven practical strategies in your life.