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Two times a month, you'll participate in a 120 minute Success Mastermind group facilitated by me personally. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, get assistance and create amazing breakthroughs in a very focused fashion. Classes are currently scheduled for Tuesday Nights at 6:45pm.

And the most valuable offer is a once a month 30 minute private phone session which will be your opportunity to ask private questions about YOUR business, and the specific areas where you'd like to create success.

Keep in mind -this Mastermind is aimed at spiritual and professional people and entrepreneurs (including coaches, authors, healers, real estate agents and salespeople) - in fact anyone who has a product or service to promote or sell.

Sex Magic

The greatest lie in the history of religion is that God is a bearded old bloke sitting in the clouds judging us. It’s equally dualistic to believe that God is a woman. Even though we all came to Earth through the miracle of our mother’s womb, God is neither masculine nor feminine, but both.

Another dangerous distortion is that we need a priest, minister, rabbi or pope to mediate our relationship to God/Goddess. Whenever an organization mandates that we need any person beyond our self, it is disempowering to our innate and direct connection to Source. Tantra teaches us that we are extensions of the divine, and that we are perfect, whole and complete as we are.

OK, so if I’m a part of God, why am I so addicted to the Internet? Why does my heart hurt when I think of my ex? Why do I have such a weakness for chocolate? Because we are also human. We’re part God and part human. But here’s the catch: It’s all God. Even the guilt, shame and fear. Even the blood, piss and shit. The judgment, insecurity and unconscious sex. It’s all divine.

The only way to experience life’s perfection is to wake up. Wake up to who you really are. Wake up to your own wholeness and completeness. This chapter offers the necessary tools to transform the most fundamental wound within each individual, which is the illusion that we need somebody outside ourself to be complete.