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    Welcome! This site is dedicated to people who are interested in learning about sacred sex and Tantra. If you want to learn more about Polyamory, open relationships and other practices of responsible non-mongomy, please go to our new site: Hope you enjoy Showtime's new series, Polyamory: Married and Dating with Kamala Devi, Michael, Tahl and Jennifer.

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        Kamala Devi and her polyamorous family are going to be featured on a new Showtime Docu-series called , Polyamory: Married and Dating. On Showtime at 11pm after the Real L word. World Premiere Thursday, July 12, 2012

 Who Are We?
Kamala Devi offers books, events and coaching where you'll learn:

~ What is Tantra, Anyway?

~ How to get your needs met in relationship,

~ Methods to multiply your orgasms,

~ How to sexually satisfy your partner,

~ How to activate your chakras and More!

Praise for Kamala Devi's Bliss Coaching!
Kamala Devi has a depth of wisdom and holds the energy for people to heal and move beyond their blocks. I experienced a major shift with a very difficult area of my life. The people in the group were all loving and accepting and it was a safe place to open up and speak my truth. Kamala Devi and her husband are a very enlightened couple. I would highly recommend this group for those exploring spirituality and sexuality. Linda O'niell
It's great to be in a group of loving, conscious people to talk about and explore the often too murky and taboo subject of sex and how to achieve greater harmony in relationship and with ourselves. Thank you, Kamala Devi and Michael for bravely and gently leading us a little more towards relationship enlightenment! --Tracey Lontos, Owner of Dwell Sanctuary
Thank you for being you, inspiring the world with your courage to share your gifts and talents and they are many!!! You are an amazing teacher, guide, and leader! --Tiffany Silver, Author of The Love Book
"Kamala Devi is a great inspiration in her community. She provides excellent down-to-earth coaching and guidance to many. Her dedication and attention to what makes a difference is exceptional. Kamala Devi is a natural leader and it is always a pleasure to work with her. Mukee Okan, Your Orgasm's Best Friend
Having a conversation with Kamala Devi is life altering! Kamala Devi possesses the rare ability to truly listen. She doesn’t give me the answers or tell me what to do – she instead asks the right questions that allow me to discover the answers within myself
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Enjoy hours of free streaming video of erotic entertianment that showcase our intimate sacred sexual stories and heals guilt shame and fear. Directed by Kamala Devi in San Diego.

Enjoy hours of free streaming video of erotic entertianment that showcase our intimate sacred sexual stories and heals guilt shame and fear. Directed by Kamala Devi in San Diego.

Tantric Love for beginners

Tantric Love is about Love and Spirituality. Because Tantric love is about life affirming and uplifting, it cannot be done between people without maturity, trust, faith and devotion. There are many facts you should know before learning Tantric Love. It is different from Yoga, the practice requires different skills and, as you will soon get to learn, Tantric Sex is not really about sex at all.

What is Tantric Love?

Tantric Love is not weird, nor some sort of pornography or slow voodoo. It is inspired from the philosophy of Tantra and it promotes living life freely and openly. If you will practice Tantra Love with your partner, it will lead to higher levels of closeness and intimacy and it will definitely open your eyes to brand new, more enjoyable experiences.

Escape the normal bedroom routine and prepare properly for tantric sex. Set up your mood, boost your confidence and, instead on focusing on achieving orgasms, both of you should appreciate each moment of you being together. Bond a stronger connection, feel intimacy flowing between you two and think of how tied you are emotionally while you practice Tantra Love.

Whether you are in a Dubai Hotel, in a cute accommodation in Maldives or even on your bed, at home, Tantric Love will assist in mental recovery process. In other words, you can relieve work-related stress, get over some traumatic experiences and reduce anxiety, regardless of what causes it. Making Tantric Love with your life partner is more intense than if you would be with a Dubai escort. You know each other, you know your fears and strengths and you certainly are aware of what your partner enjoys during these special moments.

The mysterious land of sex and relationship coaching will reveal you some secrets you wish you would have known sooner. Practitioners of Tantra learn about it because it promises physical and spiritual ecstasy. Couples who want more from their relationship should get coached and they will certainly be thankful for that. It can be considered a couple therapy, but one that is different and way more enjoyable than others.

It does not matter if you are or not happy with your current love life. Tantra Love brings it all to a much higher level, it will teach you the art of conscious loving and your sexual relationship will be turned into a path to liberation, personal growth and enlightenment. The sacred sexuality teachings are popular since decades, even though puritans still try to cast a shadow over this beautiful adventure for body and spirit.

Tantric Love is often seen as the Yoga of relationship. Before starting practicing it, you will have to figure out how to quiet the mind, increase the energy and pleasure and enhance the intimacy before you two. Boost up your abilities to receive and give each other’s energy and you will eventually see that these techniques will culminate in an extraordinary state of meditation. Awake your sexuality, practice Tantric Love and find out what amazing new things you can learn from it!

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